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There are two opportunities for publishing your paper. Please read the criteria carefully and choose only one mode.

1. Conference Proceedings

If your abstract is accepted, you are encouraged to submit a full paper by the 15th July 2018, for inclusion into the conference proceedings.  Conferences proceedings may comprise of current reports of new, developing or completed research. They should be between 2,500-3,000 words in length. The maximum pages allowed is 6 pages, single spaced, 12 point font, including pictures.

Please ensure that you adhere to the guidelines and template for the full paper and send us a ready-to-go paper. Proofreading and editing the language and format is important, we will reconsider proceedings that have too many language errors or is not well-written. 

Upload your paper on the proceedings submission link on our website.
Please title your proceedings:
e.g. sarahlee@impac2018proceedings

Due date: 15th July 2018

IMPAC2018 Proceedings will later be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index in 2019. However, we cannot guarantee it will be accepted at this point.

Proceedings will be available online on the conference website from the date of the conference onward. Presenters will also be provided a CD of the conference proceedings, abstracts and biodata of presenters.


You may also opt to send music or music-related article based on the conference theme for review and inclusion into the Malaysian Music Journal of Music (MJM) IMPAC2018 Special Issue. The Malaysian Journal of Music is indexed in Scopus and the Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index).  The journal publishes research articles that is cogent, well written, argued and concluded. The criteria for article submission are different from those of the conference proceedings. The article should be between 4,000-7,000 words in length. There will be a charge of RM600 or USD150 if your article is accepted to be published in this journal.

Please note that any article submitted to MMJ is subjected to the journal’s peer-review process. The conference committee will conduct an initial screening of articles submitted prior to acceptance of article for a double blind review. If considered and sent forreview, your article may be still be subjected to acceptance for publication with minor or major corrections or alternately, it may also be rejected for publication.

It is important to adhere to the guidelines and format of the Malaysian Journal of Music. For more details on the Malaysian Journal of Music, please visit this link http://mjm.upsi.edu.my  

Upload your article for MJM submission to link on our website.
Please title your article:
e.g. sarahlee@impac2018mjm
Due date to submit the article for the MJM IMPAC2018 Special Issue is 15th July 2018

For any enquiries, please contact:
Chair: +605-450 6725
Secretary: +605-450 5909
Faculty office: +605-450 6702
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.